Client services


2020 was a test year for our clients in terms of speed of change. Due to the need to organise remote access for employees, our members were forced to change their connection schemes from the established “Office-Exchange” channels to multiple connections via the Internet. This required the Exchange to issue a huge number of logins and certificates. Thanks to the smooth running of the operation, no client was left without the ability to transact. Also, many clients realised the real need for redundant connection channels, which increases the reliability of their connections and strongly recommended by the Exchange.

The slowness, and often impossibility, of the exchange of paper documents has been mitigated by the transition to electronic documents. The “Know Your Customer” procedure, receipt of applications and contracts, internal approvals between divisions have all moved to a remote electronic format. In 2021, the Customer Support Department will continue to expand its electronic services. These steps will not only improve interaction with customers, but will also significantly improve the operational reliability of internal processes.

As part of the implementation of the Financial Product Marketplace project, a Know Your Customer process has been organised in relation to individuals, financial institutions and aggregators that are members of the financial platform to ensure compliance with legal requirements, including anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing legislation.