Priority areas of Moscow Exchange


In October 2019, the Supervisory Board of Moscow Exchange approved a new Group development strategy through 2024.

The new strategy is based on five key priorities, two of which relate to areas of responsibility, and three to areas of development. The priority areas are two areas of responsibility: deepening major markets and engendering a culture of trust and responsibility.

The Exchange remains the leading center for pricing Russian assets and the main capital-raising platform for Russian companies. In this area, the Exchange will continue to expand accessibility, trading hours and its range of products and services, and will maintain its offer at the level of other leading international exchange platforms. MOEX will focus in particular on working with investors and issuers, to encourage companies to access capital markets through share and bond placements, as well as diversifying the range of instruments available in the Derivatives Market, and working with market data.

In developing a culture of trust and responsibility, the Exchange will focus on accelerating business processes, reducing the time to launch new products and increasing the cyber resistance of key systems. To achieve a qualitatively new level in this area, the Group will focus on developing talents and leaders by delegating authority on a wide range of business development issues.

To reach the next level in this area, the Group will focus on developing talents and leaders by delegating authority on a wide range of business development issues.

Further business growth will be supported by initiatives in three areas of development: market access, balance management and financial platform. These are an organic continuation of the previous strategy, based on the strengths of the Group’s business model and the key competencies of its employees.

The Exchange will give professional participants and consumers access to a wide range of investment and savings products with the focus on creating services that will provide banks and brokers with new opportunities to promote their services, and individuals with interfaces to access the financial market in a single information field. This will double the base of private investors over the medium term.

In terms of balance management, the Group will provide professional participants and corporations with flexible services for finding liquidity, executing orders and post-trading in a single interface. This will increase the user base and liquidity in the Money, FX and Derivatives Markets, including the Standardized Derivatives Market.

Development of a financial platform means extending the capabilities of the Exchange’s accounting infrastructure to a wider range of financial assets. Initiatives in this area will lead to the expansion of the NSD’s service offer for savings instruments and information assets.

Consistent implementation of the strategy across these five key priorities will allow the Exchange to achieve a significant increase of its client base, contribute to the further development of the market, maintain a commission revenue growth rate of more than 10% per year over the strategy implementation period, while maintaining high efficiency and profitability of the business model.